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Our daily life is so fast paced, we get stressed pretty easily. Because of that, we at Royal Tulip Med Spa came up with a way to help people relax after a long week of work and stress. Our solution to your problems is a spa where you will receive massage spa treatments, couples massage, acupuncture, skin care and nails services in Etobicoke. This way we assure you feel completely relaxed by the end of the day. Whether you choose acupuncture, couples massage or skin care treatment, you will definitely end up feeling better.

Our Massage Spa treatments in Etobicoke

If you want to know how paradise feels like, you should definitely try our massage spa treatments. We offer a wide variety of massage spa treatments for you to be completely relaxed. So if you’re feeling stressed and completely overwhelmed by work, you should definitely try our massage spa treatments and couples massages in Etobicoke.

Royal Tulip Med Spa offers variety of massage spa services including the following:


Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific acupoints along the skin of the body involving various methods such as the application of heat, pressure, or laser or penetration of thin needles. It is a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).According to TCM, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known.

Royal Tulip Med Spa provides one of the best acupuncture services in Etobicoke for you to be fully replenished. With our spa’s acupuncture, you will definitely end up looking and feeling fantastic.

Our acupuncture treatment will assure you will be completely relaxed by the end of the day, as our acupuncture treatments are one of the best in Etobicoke.

In addition to our acupuncture services, Royal Tulip Med Spa also offers reflexology treatment, which will also have you relaxed by the end of the day. Our reflexology treatment is one of the best out there, as no other spa in Etobicoke will provide with such amazing reflexology services. readmore

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Swedish massage and other types of therapeutic massage in Etobicoke are performed by trained, licensed massage therapists. A Swedish massage in Etobicoke can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on the therapist’s personal style and what he or she wants to achieve. Technique we use Additional Swedish massage techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands. readmore

Deep Tissue Massage

When there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement, and inflammation. Deep tissue massage in Etobicoke works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this, the massage readmore

Sports Massage

Sports massage in Etobicoke has a number of benefits including preventing injury, restoring mobility to injured muscle tissue, boosting performance, maintaining the body in overall better condition and extending the life of your athletic career. Sports massage is a simple, commonly used form of therapy popular in sport. The benefits and effects of sports massage include physical readmore

Couples Massage/Services For Couples in Etobicoke

Every individual has personal needs and goals for massage. During a couple’s session, the couple can receive unique treatments that address their specific needs. While one partner may experience pain radiating from the neck or shoulders, the other may experience tightness in the feet or legs. Couples sessions and couples massages in Etobicoke allow both of these issues to be readmore

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work readmore


Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. The oils, which come from plants, are highly concentrated and very powerful. Essential oils possess natural healing properties – without harmful side-effects. Aromatherapy in Etobicoke is helpful for reduce stress,disturbed sleep, anxiety, mood swings, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue etc. A compromised immune system may mean that they readmore

Prenatal Massage

Aside from couples massages, we also offer prenatal massage. Lowered anxiety, decreased back & leg pain, improved sleep, decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine, increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, decreased levels of cortisol (a stress indicator common in depressed pregnant patients), and an overall improvement in mood.”You must be in your second or third trimester to receive a prenatal massage session, and readmore

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu or “finger pressure” massage, sometimes called Zen shiatsu, is a Japanese form of physiotherapy. It is often described as the equivalent of acupressure, but this comparison is not entirely accurate, because the technique looks beyond specific pressure points, incorporating other methods such as stretching, breathing and rotating for a more whole-body approach to restoring energy balance readmore

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trigger Point pain is one of the more common ailments that affect the muscles in the human body. It is also one of the most painful considering the pain does not occur in just one area, but can cause tingling, numbness, and various other discomforts in areas at a distance from the source of the readmore

Other Services in Etobicoke

Nail and Skin Care Services

Apart from our acupuncture, couples massage and other spa treatments, Royal Tulip Med Spa will also make sure you your nails and skin are always looking beautiful with our nail and our skin care services in Etobicoke.

With our nail services, you will notice that your nails will be looking better than ever. If you work hard every single day of the week, chances are you will require nail services, as they will probably be a little bit damaged. For this reason, we will make sure our nail services in Etobicoke leave them looking better than ever.

Every single woman loves receiving nail services, which is why we provide one of the best nail services in Etobicoke. Never again will you want to try different nail services in Etobicoke, as the ones we provide really stand out among the other.

Royal Tulip Med Spa also offers skin care services for you to look better than ever. Our skin care services in Etobicoke are sure to have your skin looking extremely beautiful. If you love having a smooth skin and well-cared skin, you should definitely try our skin care services in Etobicoke. There is a wide range of skin care treatments from which you will be able to choose the one you prefer.

Check out other services we offer including skin care and laser treatment. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our skin care products and treatments.

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