UltraPLUS VPL System


UltraPLUS is a multi-application workstation using world renowned and patented Variable Pulsed Light VPL™ technology from Energist Medical Group. This compact and versatile system offers the power and flexibility you need to achieve optimal clinical results for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular applications, pigmented lesions and the treatment of active acne. Specific Handpiece for each treatment ensure delivery of the optimal wavelengths to the target chromophore. With fluence up to 108J/cm2 and over 840 pulse delivery variations, you have the flexibility to select the appropriate parameters for every application. UltraPLUS offers you the power and flexibility to perform a wide range of efficacious treatments with a single system:


  •  Acne Solutions
  •  Hair Removal Solutions
  •  Pigmentation and Sun Damage Solutions
  •  Skin Rejuvenation Solutions
  •  Vascular Solutions

Multiple Application Workstations

Investing in UltraPLUS will enable you to perform a wide range of treatments with a single device, opening untapped revenue streams and enabling rapid return on investment.


Specialist High Energy Handpiece

The Specialist Handpiece specifically designed for treatment of pigmentation and vascular lesions including telangiectatic matting, PWS, Refractory Rosacea, and Strawberry haemangioma. With available fluence up to 108J/cm2, even Seborrhoeic Keratosis has been successfully treated with the Specialist Handpiece.


Unique Acne Treatment Handpiece

Based on clinical evidence on the efficacy of blue and red light for the treatment of acne, Energist has introduced a dedicated Handpiece delivering both 415nm and 630-950nm together. This maximises the photodynamic mechanism for optimum anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.




  •  4 treatment specific Handpieces
  •  Specialist High Energy Handpiece up to 108J/cm2
  •  Dual-bandwidth Acne Handpieces
  •  Pre-set parameters for optimum results
  •  Dual filtering for more targeted treatments
  •  Water-cooled for higher energy & more effective treatments
  •  Simple touch screen user panel